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Neighborhood Profile: Sunset Park

Located just south of Downtown Wilmington's central business district (about a 7 minute car ride), Sunset Park serves as a great location for folks commuting to downtown. Its proximity to important destinations in the southern part of the City like the New Hanover County Regional Medical Center and the Port of Wilmington also make it a great neighborhood for residents who commute to some of the county's largest employers.

With most of the homes ranging from the mid 100s to the low 200s, Sunset Park is a great neighborhood for first-time home buyers. The prices and potential for renovations on many of the homes built in the early 20th century have provided a lot of opportunity for fix-and-flip or buy-and-hold investors over recent years as well.

Central Blvd


Developed by John Pickett Council (1855-1929) in 1913, and designated a National Historic District in 2003 by the National Parks and Recreation Service, Sunset Park is a Wilmington neighborhood with a great deal of history and character.

During the second world war, Sunset Park provided a great deal of the housing for the ship builders working for the North Carolina Shipbuilding Company, located at current site of the Port of Wilmington, which ultimately produced 243 Liberty Ships over the course of the war.


There is a variety of beautiful architectural styles present in Sunset Park, including Queen Anne, Craftsman, Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, and Cape Cod; the majority of which were built between the 1910s and the 1950s.

In 2018 Median List Price in Sunset Park stayed right around $150K, with Median Sales Price following closely, fluctuating between $109K and $195K. In 2019, the average number of new listings monthly is 4.

This chart (right) shows that most homes listed in Sunset Park are bought below list price, but that percentage of list price has increased steadily over the last five years.

Nearby Attractions:

Voting (As of 6/27/19)

Sunset Park is located entirely in New Hanover County Precinct W26. (Map)

Polling Place: Lower Cape Fear Hospice, 1414 Physicians Dr Wilmington, NC 28401

Note: Sunset Park has been located within Wilmington's city limits since it was annexed in 1946, which means that residents of Sunset Park can vote in the City of Wilmington's municipal elections (held every odd year).


Pen drawing of Sunset Park from the October 5, 1912 edition of The Evening Dispatch, which was accompanied by the following poem

"Sunset Park"

Beyond the placid waters/Of Greenfield's lovely lake, There lies as fair a region/As skillful hands can make.

It reaches to the 'Dram Tree',/Made famous long ago; And many mounds and batt'ries/Its history will show.

Regardless of the prices/It costs to reach the mark, We'll beautify the landscape/Of lovely Sunset Park.

With granolithic side-walks,/And streets macadamized, We'll leave all other places/Neglected and despised.

Each man who owns a cottage,/That he can call his own, Will be a little Monarch/That no one can dethrone.

Each lot will have its sewers,/To take the filth away; And water-mains to furnish/The folks who come to stay.

The sun will shine in daylight,/Electric lights at dark; We'll have a Fairy City/At lovely Sunset Park.

To each prospective buyer/We'll offer terms to please, So that every one may purchase/A home with perfect ease.

No painter can portray it,/His brush would be too dark, To give the glowing colors/of lovely SUNSET PARK.


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